Rick Tuckerman, Zoom IQ Founder

Rick Tuckerman has spent his entire career in the marketing, advertising, and creative fields. As a graduate of Temple University with a BBA degree majoring in Marketing, he began his career at a large Philadelphia advertising agency as an Account Executive on the McDonald’s® account. From there he took the position as VP Marketing Director a one of Miami’s largest Savings & Loan Associations. He then on to becoming a small business marketing consultant offering branding services and creative design.

Rick is currently in the process of earning a Master’s Degree, having been enrolled in University of Miami’s Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies curriculum.

With a marketing and creative background to draw from, Rick brings to the table a unique skill set and range of experience. He has guided firms in several key industries improve their marketing approach and messaging. His professional experience includes the handling of accounts in the healthcare, real estate development, financial, entertainment/gaming, non-profit, food service, and several other sectors. As a small business marketing consultant and creative design professional, he offers a singular and cost-effective solution to companies seeking to grow.