A boutique Miami Marketing Agency
in dogged pursuit of the unconventional

A boutique Miami Marketing Agency in dogged pursuit of the unconventional

Miami Marketing Agency

Miami Marketing Agency specializing
in small business creative services

A key element that separates one Miami marketing agency from others is the quality of their creative work. We have a passion for telling our clients’ stories in a way that titillates the senses and motivates their customers and prospects to take action. But one can’t be considered a top-notch creative agency simply based on design work alone. Clients requiring small business marketing services do not have the luxury of big creative budgets, so the marketing foundation needs to be solid before addressing creative solutions. We start by evaluating your company’s strengths and the competition’s weaknesses. We seek to uncover little nuggets of opportunity that differentiate your brand from those looking to eat your proverbial lunch. And off we go. Establishing well thought-out marketing strategies, determining what media will most efficiently deliver your message to your target audience, and ultimately, creating that message. The last step—crafting your message, whether in the form of an ad, brochure, billboard, web site, email, direct mail, or television commercial campaign—that’s the fun part of our job that we take very seriously.

Creative Agency

What separates one Miami marketing agency from all others is the scope and execution of their creative work.

Small Business Marketing Services

Bringing big agency ideas to smaller companies looking to grow is how we earn our keep.

Boutique Miami Marketing Agency

The perfect fit for clients seeking professional-caliber work at market-sensitive prices.

Miami Marketing Agency with Big Ideas, Small Prices.

As a boutique-size Miami marketing agency specializing in small businesses, we seek clients who prefer working directly with agency principals, appreciate the potential of kick-ass creative, and concur with our assessment that great work isn’t always associated with big agencies and big fees. The South Florida market is one of the most unique in the country. Succeeding in this market requires an understanding of its demographic nuances and unique transient characteristics. More than just a matter of language or culture, Miami experiences a constant influx of people arriving here from all over the world to live, work, retire, and vacation, making it challenging for marketers. As a creative agency since 1989, we’ve been navigating these tricky waters, helping clients rise to new heights through savvy marketing techniques and compelling work.

While our experience as a Miami marketing agency is broad, there are some competencies worth mentioning. Over the years we’ve handled the marketing and creative needs of companies in many industries, including, financial, health care, real estate development, entertainment, casino, B2B, quick service restaurants, and several more.

Miami Marketing Agency


We’d be honored to assist you with any of the following services for your company's needs:


Brochure Design


Make your sales brochure work as hard as you do through creative execution and the proper message.


Direct Mail Marketing


Effective direct mail marketing involves more than designing a pretty postcard and buying a list.


Large Graphics



Looking to create large graphics to tell your story in a big way? We're oversized graphics experts.



Catalog Design



From catalog layout to product photography, our catalog design services save you time and money.



Email Marketing



Zoom IQ's email marketing services are perfect for budget-conscious companies in South Florida.






Whether you need original or stock photography, we can handle all your corporate photography needs.



Copy Writing



Zoom IQ provides copy writing services for print, broadcast, and online campaigns.



Logo and Branding



From corporate logo design to comprehensive branding, we can help position your company.



Print Ad Campaigns



As a full-service agency, we design print ads from concept to completion quickly and for less.



Creative Printing



From small projects to primary sales brochures, turn to us for expert printing and marketing services.



Magazine Design



As part of our overall services, we serve as a magazine graphic designer for various publications.



Video Production



As a video production company, are perfectly suited for those whose vision is bigger than their budget.



Outdoor Campaigns



Elevate your outdoor campaigns with expert design and messaging for large format application.



Web Design



As a WordPress web design company, we can enhance your company's online presence.



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Got a need to requires creative expertise and fast turnaround? Give us a call at 305.604.0006.